Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet Athena The Owl

Hello... It's been so long to preparing photo for this post. Actually, I have made this design since several months ago, approxiamately at may or june (I just forget the exact month and date :p).

In my design I choose owl because this bird so cute for me. Owl is a symbol of wisdom, guardian and knowledge. Beside that, owl is associated with Athena, the daughter of the powerful Zeus and Metis. Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, of household arts and crafts, of spinning and weaving, of textiles. Inventor of the flute, the plough and the ox-yoke, the horse bridle and the chariot. Athena, goddess of war, guardian of Athens, the city named for her; defender of heroes, champion of justice and civil law (Arthistory).

In this post I want introduce you my lovable handphone pouch Athena Owl which design by my own idea. This cute darlings made from eco felt and consist of six lining to make it sturdy. So, it very different from other felt handphone pouch! I always smile when create this little darling and I am so happy when it's done.

There a so much fixing about pouch layering, I think about layering till I sleep. But for color chosing, I just think about chocolate colors! It not because I am chocolate lover, but I think this darling would be suite with chocolate. And Voila! The first Athena Owl was born.

This cute pouch measures approxiamately 8cm x 12 cm. It fix for several phones like Blackberry, Android, Nokia or other phones which suite with this pouch size.

You can order and ask the pricing this Athena pouch via email that noted at my contact page. I have trouble to make shop on Etsy in payment and billing method and I hope somebody can help me to finish my Etsy shop. But I will try hard to fix it and I hope my Etsy shop can be opened soon. After that I will share it for you.

This pouch have velcro closure. I choose velcro because it's very simple and easy to close the pouch, especially when the user of this pouch get rush.


I also gave special lining in the front of pouch. It giving "extra" use of this pouch so the user can put some things on it, such as headset, coins, money or card. 

And hey, I will give you a secret of my Athena owl. This cute darling sometimes enjoying sun in the morning on branch of tree. They look happy and so fresh when I saw him several days ago. Suddenly I loose him and finally I found him. Can you guess what they did? Yeah, Athena Owl is playing hide and seek with Ally and other Athena Owl. He said, "Don't tell me to them that I am here!". 

Oops! I forget to tell you about other Athena Owl. Okay, I will share about it to you at the next post. I sure it will be so fun when all the Athena Owl is gather together. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Road to Finishing

Hello.. After a lot of day to preparing my design and my blog, finally I open this blog to share about my mind. And now I am doing my (hard) work to finishing my photos. I will share it to this blog as soon as possible.