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Hello, welcome to my page...!!

My name is Nourmalia Indah Fitriana a.k.a. Pipit. Pipit is taken from my last name "Fit'. It because the people in my region more frequently mentioned letter "f" as "p". Here is my blog.

I'm founder of Whimsical Ally, crafter, handmade lover and I love to share my creations and my thoughts on Whimsical Ally's page. The little girl called Ally is representing my imagination and my childhood.

I love crafting and drawing so much and very passionate with them. I have crafted since I was young, when I was in elementary school. I started to crafted when I want to buy chlothes for my barbie,but I have limited cash (yeah,a young children have no a lot of money,hihi). Then I see a lot of kind of fabrics in my house, so I decided to make barbie chlothes by myself. I also help my grandma to make some handmade creation. Since that, I always try to make something with my own hand.

I have crafted a lot of handmade stuff, such as necklaces, bracelets, felt dolls, felt decor, felt necklace. I especially in love with details. Crafting is my hobby,and I feel so happy surrounded by a lot of creative people on this world. They are awesome.

Thank u for visiting my profile and I hope we will be a close friend.


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