Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yes, I Call Them Athena Owl Various

It's very busy in my daily life at early December '12 till early January '13 because of my work. I just thinking of my promise to share the dearest Athena Owl. In previous post I told u that there was various owl of Athena Owl. Now I will introduce them to you.... Here we are...
Jeng jeng jeng jeeeeeeeng (opening music played)
Available at maroon, dark blue and dark green
If u curious about them just ask to Athena Owl. Athena will answer your question about them. He is the causin of this various owl. They are very close because they always playing and spend time together. Maroon Athena Owl is the first daughter, Dark Blue Athena Owl is middle son, and Dark Green Athena Owl is third son.

When Athena Owl and  Various Athena Owl was gathering, Ally found them and she has taken their picture together. They was very happy! I ask Ally the photos and I share it to you. Are they cute enough? :D


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